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Getting my ducks in a row...

I'm sitting on an Amtrak train heading to my son & daughter in laws for my granddaughter's 4th birthday party that will be on Saturday. I am so excited to see them and hang out for a few days. I have painted 2 pairs of shoes for her and a wall hanging for her new room. I hope she likes them all.  Vans that match my painted Converse. Black pair that matches my black sneakers Now onto a much needed visit. Take care and be creative in your own beautiful way. Robin

Why blog?

 Hi and welcome!  Why am I starting a blog in April 2022? Short answer: I am starting this blog for myself as a journal of my commitment to be a professional artist and creating my own art business. Full answer from my heart:  Honestly, I turned 60 last month and pretty much freaked out. To me, taking my mixed media art to the next level is now or never. I truly have to get off my behind and quit making excuses. I had always dreamed of being a full time artist since I was young. I have always been creative and have done well in the short periods of time that I put myself out there as an artist. Then I would stall, get nervous, remember the "starving artist" stereotype, wonder what I was doing and how I could possible feed my children as an artist and I would grudgingly go back to the desk job that was consistent. I would tell myself I had had kids to feed, and two growing boys can eat a lot. I am now 60 and can no longer work a desk job or any other job to support myself. I