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Painting sneakers

 Happy Monday!

I have had an issue(s) when it comes to posting my stuff. I keep wondering what to post, what would be interesting, when to post, should I even start a blog, do I need to know algorithms, and on and on. I am sure this is why so many blogs end before they even get started. And really, what's the big deal about it all anyway? It's just a teeny tiny spot in the world wide web. If it's read, great. If not, that's okay too. I have to re-read the reason I started this one in the first place.

Today my brain is on painting sneakers. I love to paint sneakers, totes, canvas and I especially love it when I can paint m doodle flowers on it all. They make me happy and feel a little lighter. So here are two pairs of mine that I did which sparked the idea to make matching ones for my granddaughter.

I just ordered a pair of white Converse Chucks and a pair of black Vans skate sneakers to paint next. My hope is that I can start doing this full time. That is how much I love it. I am also dreaming of having my designs on totes and purses too!

Monday's are a great day to plan the future and my future is looking bright! What do you have planned in your future?

Stay creative and be happy,



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