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I have been told that artists procrastinate. If that is true, then I am an artist and I can blame being an artist for my procrastination. I have been like this my entire life. I worked jobs that were high stress with unimaginable deadlines with numerous last minute changes. I think I became comfortable with working well under pressure. Well this last week it has snowballed on top of me. I have been trying to get glassware painted, cured for 4 days and then baked in the oven and ready for the weekly Farmers Market. I have the large banner to finish by this coming Saturday for the Art On Parade and I have to paint several pairs of shoes as samples for an upcoming Painted Sneakers class I am doing next month. All this while I try to post on social media and get this blog off the ground. Happy to report that I have been steadily moving forward on all fronts however I do need to start being a little more organized.

Last Saturday at the Farmers Market:

The front of the banner is done and varnished:

Yesterday was a long, busy day. I got the banner finished after fixing the mess from the black acrylic pen I used as the black lines bled as soon as the varnish hit them. I will be talking about that more later in a post where I review the products I have been trying out.

I did figure out how to fix and then get the entire banner varnished before having a meltdown over it all. From there I painted 12 glasses so that they can cure and get baked before Saturday's Farmers Market. I still have to make 10 more zipper pouches because I only have a couple left.

As for the sneakers, hopefully going to start those this afternoon after I finish the back of the banner.

I have realized I need to create a schedule for social media posting and blogging. Being inconsistent is really bothering me. So for now I will be blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday and yes I do realize that today is Tuesday. I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is my no electronics day.

It's down to the wire on finishing up this banner and getting more sneakers painted plus making more zipper bags and getting them designed. Procrastinating and continually feeling like I have plenty of time has not worked out again. Do you have a time management tip you can share? I need all the help I can get.

Thanks and have a creative day!



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